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Chrissy Ferrante

Youth Ministries Director

My Story

Chrissy became a member of Nichols in 2007.  She currently works as a Special Ed Educational Instructor at Cooperative Educational Services in Trumbull. She enjoys working with children and watching them grow and develop their independence   Chrissy has lived in Shelton, CT since 1991 and has four children and a grandpup.  She is an avid reader, loves to roller skate and enjoys spending time at the beach. Her greatest passion is helping others.  She has been on 6 ASP trips with NUMC and has also been on missions in Honduras.   She has instilled that same love of service in her children.  Chrissy has been the director of our youth ministries since 2017.  Since accepting this position, she has grown the program. The youth have been actively involved in both local mission work and projects around the state.  The youth group attends spiritual retreats and faith-based services during the year. They normally meet on Sunday evenings. 


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